Angell Canyon Ranch is situated on the Gunnison River near Cedaredge, CO. The Gunnison River is an excellent coldwater source for growing healthy, nutrient rich pasture grass. Our river-watered grass is the excellent necessary food source for raising organic grass fed domestic cattle.

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The verdict is in and it looks like grass fed beef is better for you. Good thing grass exactly what Angell Canyon Ranch feeds their beef! Grass grown in Colorado Healthier beef tastes better too! Order your cuts today!

Call the meat producer's 1-800 phone number and say that you want to come for a visit. Tell them you want to see with your own eyes: 1) where the animals were raised, 2) what they were fed, and 3) how they were treated. Settle for nothing less. This is the one arena in which factory farming cannot compete. The producers of Farmer Marvin's Fresh 'n Natural Prairie Beef (alias IBP) will not allow you to tour their feedlots.

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Finding the amount of vitamin E in grassfed beef has been my biggest challenge. I began to search for the data as soon as I learned that grass has 20 times more vitamin E than corn or soy. Given the magnitude of this difference, I reasoned that meat from grassfed animals must have an extra helping of vitamin E.

Diligently, I searched the scientific record. At long last, I located one American study that had some data. The impetus for this rare study came from disgruntled Japanese buyers who were complaining that the meat from American feedlot cattle spoiled more quickly than the meat from Australian free-range cattle. To find out why, the Americans measured the vitamin E levels in the two types of meat. (They knew that antioxidants such as vitamin E helped prolong shelf life.) Their tests revealed that the meat from the Australian grassfed cattle had three to four times more vitamin E, thanks to all that vitamin E-rich grass. What did the American researchers do with this finding? True to form, they began studying how much synthetic vitamin E to add to feedlot diets. I doubt that it even occurred to them to take a closer look at the Australian model.

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